You don’t need smoke and mirrors to attract new customer, a strong online presence will suffice.

KOLG is not your typical development and marketing agency, we are a team of creative minds with enthusiastic energy who emphasize on helping you create an exceptional online presence for your business, generating quality of business leads and help you make the most out of each lead.

We successfully achieve these notions by offering you top of the line services. We don’t believe one size fits all, and we are not shy to tweak our services in order to meet your unique needs.

Lead Generation

A happy sales team can do their job better by having great strong connections. Our services will generate qualified leads through SEO, Social Media, Native Ads and Conversational  Voice Ai. KOLG designs an intricate setup that lets you scale up your marketing and sales to enjoy continuous growth in the long run. We let you grow your opportunity pipeline with;

  • Quality Sellable Leads Every Month
  • The chance to capitalize on each and every sales opportunity from these leads
  • The ability to track conversion rates from your marketing efforts

The issue is, most marketers focus on metrics that do no good to growing your business. On the contrary, KOLG focuses on getting results by cutting out unnecessary waste.

Search Engine Optimization

Admit it, there’s some SEO in everything you do on the internet. Everyone wants more traffic, but most of them end up working with the wrong team. Well, with KOLG you don’t have to worry, we’ll get you that competitive edge you’ve always wanted, and a tried and tested strategy that combines advanced white hat SEO tactics.

We help you tick all the boxes including better traffic, leads, revenue, brand awareness, business goals, and trust & authority. We achieve this by using impactful practices with a holistic approach.

Search Engine Marketing

You can always improve an already incredible digital marketing strategy.

With that said, give your marketing efforts a little boost with Search Engine Marketing, Conversational Voice Ai automation that works really well. We haven’t found anything that catapults your online growth better than a little modernized technology!

With our Search Engine Marketing services, you can improve your business’s online visibility, authority in your niche, and increase your brand awareness. This  KOLG strategic step that will turn your page views and clicks into profit. So, if you want a cost efficient way to generate more traffic and quality sales revenue, then our services are your best bet.

Social Media Marketing

Social Media Marketing, or SMM has become more than a necessity, it’s a vote of confidence that people need to trust you!

Social media platforms can help increase your exposure and people’s interest in your company, there is no denying that. But creating a magnanimous presence and maintaining it is one heck of a job, and we do this for you.

You see, connecting yourself with the power of social media is not enough, you need to nail it and this is where KOLG comes in. We have the skills and experience that makes your brand fly through social media marketing.

Content Marketing

We translate your ideas into compelling stories.

This helps you to attract a larger audience and grow your business. KOLG understands that creating an exceptional story that wins customers is a real struggle and we take care of this to fuel your marketing campaign.

Our content marketing strategy perfectly aligns with your goals, it drives traffic to your site, educates them about what you sell, and ultimately convinces them to buy from you. The issue is, since social media marketing has become mainstream, people expect more from your content. Well, you can’t fulfill their expectations without a creative yet professional touch, and This is where KOLG comes in!

Email Marketing

Our engaging emails convert both cold and warm leads.

Yeah, if want someone with a high open and click through rate, then here we are!

We help you develop new customer relationships while helping you successfully maintain your old ones. KOLG doesn’t only focus on developing revenue, we also develop healthy customer relations.

KOLG designs a compelling email copy that speaks with your audience in a unique way. It assures your marketing emails are not buried deep in spam or trash. We achieve this by creating a strong impression that compels the reader to read the rest of the thing.

Web Design

We don’t do boring designs!

More importantly, we don’t get ahead of ourselves while designing a stunning website, as we always focus on your audience’s unique needs like making sure our designs are responsive, interactive, user-friendly and cutting edge.

You see, a website is more of a touchpoint (let’s say, business tool) and you need to make an impactful first impression in order to make people stay. This is something we specialize in as we design websites with strategic planning, stunning visuals, simple design, and excellent user experience. All of these elements combined helps you drive results.

Web Development

We convert your ideas into great expressions, and empower your business through an exceptional online presence.

KOLG is a client-centric company that creates website solutions to deliver results. We help you navigate through the ever changing online world with top of the line development service. Today, having a website for your brand or business is not enough, you need to make it stand out in order to make a difference.

Don’t worry, creating top-notch, aesthetically pleasing, and functional websites that offer a robust user-experience and entertains your unique needs is sort of our specialty.

App Development

Going Mobile (Android or iOS) helps your streamline certain operations and bring more value to your customer in return. It doesn’t matter whether you want your first app or fifth one, KOLG can help you because writing tons of application codes before has helped us become a top-notch app development service.

We offer you a unique blend of knowledge skill and experience, with a little dash of perfection. Our beautiful yet powerful apps solve your everyday problems. We live in a mobile-first world today, and people rely heavily on their smartphone, KOLG just lets you take benefit of this current situation.

Conversational Voice Ai

Before anything, we would like to ask, what do you mean by a conversational voice ai?

Our Conversational Voice Ai software will do the quality work for you at speeds never known.

We are the perfect fit as we offer performance solutions with perhaps the most skilled Ai agents that will thoroughly communicate with your customers be it voice, email or chat.

Our ai can do customer service, technical support, reservations and etc.

Real-Time Data and Analytics

If there is one thing you should know about decision making; its only as good as your insight. KOLG helps you unlock the power of analytics and lets you tap into data and convert it into actionable insights. We’ll empower your company with full-fledge data analytics with customized analytical solutions to help you improve revenue by reducing operational costs, and churn rate thanks to faster data analysis and reporting.

We offer data analytics as service, implementation, support and evolution. It takes the guesswork out of your business to help you improve your customer experience and identify better opportunities later.