Web Development

There are thousands of web development firms out there that will happily create your website. There are hundreds of web development firms that can make you a decent one. There is only one web development firm that can create you a website that encompasses your vision, generates leads, tells your story, makes money, and address’s your audiences. That is a website developed by the team a King of Lead Gen.

If that is what you’re in search for, then you have found the right web development firm!

Our Web Development services are a 6-step process that insures satisfaction:



Discover and Define “What will work and what won’t”



Create a User-Friendly Platform “Make sure everyone can navigate”


Develop and Construct “Time to layout the yellow tape and get to work”


Test and Train “We try to break it and make sure it works as planned”


Optimize and Go Live “All systems go”


Monitor, Evaluate, and Refine “Making sure your website doesn’t break and stays live”

Important Key Factors in Web Development

A website is arguably one of the most important factors to an organizations marketing plan. It’s a core feature that you want to drive traffic and potential new customers to, to either learn about your services or sell to them. At King of Lead Gen, we truly believe that you should not leave your web development in the hands of amateurs. You cannot not afford nor have the time to allow private or freelance developers create your web platform. Our team od designers and developers have years of agency-based experience and have each other to lean on for questions and bounce ideas off off to assure yu website is optimized correctly.


Interface and Design

Usability, functionality and visualization are the three core components that our team work off of. Using this strategy, we ensure that your vision will be reflected properly in a professionally created and designed website. User-interface is extremely important in making sure your visitors can easily navigate your website and land on the correct page they are searching for. Bad user-interface is one of the key reasons a website may have a bad drop-off rate; having King of Lead Gen work on your websites interface will guarantee optimized navigation and a monetized platform.


HTML and Cascading Style Sheets (CSS) is the foundation of your website, and it’s of utmost importance that is organized, utilizing the most recent HTML and CSS standards. Through following the W3C standards we assure a great user-interface in addition to a site that is optimized for the search engines.

Currently our development team can code in these languages:

  • W3C compliant HTML/CSS
  • Semantic Coding for SEO
    • JavaScript Development
    • JQuery
    • AJAX
    • JSP
    • XML
    • XSL
    • EXTJS
    • JS


Whether you want to integrate your Blog, RSS or Social Media, we make sure everything is integrated properly without broken code. Integrating your RSS and Social Media pages onto your website is impetrative in bringing your customers back to your website and keeping their eyes on your brand on multiple platforms.

A Blog is a great way to keep your website fresh and updated (which the search engines love). Whether you have a message you want to share with your customers or want to teach them something, creating articles for a blog is a great way to do it and King of Lead Gen can make it happen.

Maintenance and Support

Developing your website is only the beginning. Keeping it maintained and up to date on current coding standards is important to progress your online presence into the future. Whether you need a new splash page created, a slider needs a new image or simple content editing, we provide all of those services and more for the future of your website.

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