Reputation Management

A positive reputation is a very important tool for business. If you are in the online world and you want to enjoy the benefits that come with a positive reputation, then you need our help. We at King of Lead Gen can help you manage your reputation online.

What is Reputation Management?

Reputation management is an important process online which controls what shows up when your customers Google your name. Through our reputation management specialists, we will promote positive content straight to the top of the search results, all the while pushing the unwanted content below. This way, the customers who Google your business sees results that are populated with relevant and positive content about you.

 How We Will Help You Bounce Back

We will diagnose your online reputation. The first step to gain a positive reputation is to know whether or not there is a problem. That way, we will know what the problem really is and we can create a strategy to resolve the problem. The reputation management specialists at King of Lead Gen will help diagnose your Google rankings as well as what shows up when your business is being Googled.

 By our help, we will know what the search engine says about you. Here are the categories your search engine results will fall under: 

  • Negative – wherein your search results show negative content or reviews. It can be a negatively tagged photo, angry rant by an ex-employee, shared blog post by a dissatisfied customer, or a false accusation.
  • “Not Me!” – wherein Googling your name shows search results that are dominated by a business that is not yours. In the best case scenario, the customers searching for your business will not find anything meaningful about you. In the worst case, the customers searching for you might mistake you for someone else.
  • Irrelevant – wherein the search results are all about you but they neither help or damage your reputation. The search results are simply outdated.
  • Positive – wherein the search results show positive, relevant, and well-branded content that are actually about your business.


We will help with personal search engine optimization. Businesses must always have a proper SEO strategy. The SEO strategy adopted by a website will determine whether or not the business will have a positive reputation online. Our reputation managers will make sure your personal SEO strategy results to a positive and relevant reputation for your business.

 We will help build your foundation for online visibility. Being visible online means that you get more exposure, which can then lead to more potential customers. Building the foundation for more online visibility ensures that you will have a more stable reputation in the future.

We will use advance tactics to give your reputation a good boost.Building a website, establishing a proper SEO strategy, and even building a foundation for online visibility are not the only ones to help you with reputation management. There are advanced tactics that can help your business out. We will create relevant pages to your website, create blog posts, meticulously place keywords, and establish social media profiles to give your reputation a boost.

We will help you bounce back from negative reviews. It will be unavoidable for a business to have a negative review. Our King of Lead Gen reputation managers will help you deal with these negative content.


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