Pay Per Click Management (PPC)

Does your business want guaranteed traffic for keywords you know your customers are searching?

Through Pay Per Click advertising your business can target new customers and received guaranteed traffic with your budget. As the name implies you only pay per click to your website. This allows you to create a set budget but know that you will receive traffic from it that is targeted to your niche.

King of Lead Gen gets results for you today while creating new campaigns for the future.

We make sure to perform deep keyword research and analysis in order to maximize your budget to squeeze as much traffic out of the search engines as possible. By researching and refining long tail keywords, we will better able to convert new visitors to customers because you will offer exactly what they were searching for. At King of Lead Gen, we have developed a step-by-step strategy that is proven to receive results.

This strategy consists of PPC management research and planning, keyword analysis, strategy, landing page deployment and testing, and ongoing management and updating. Following these steps we see tremendous results with each of our clients.

Our Pay Per Click management services require constant reevaluation of what techniques are new and what’s working. PPC management is not something you can utilize the services once and stop when you feel like it. In order to receive the most traffic with a set budget you must always be constantly updating your account and researching what keywords will rank best for the best rate.

King of Lead Gen has built strong relationships with the major search engines and have received an agency level grade from each. This means we have completed all of the certifications needs to hold the partnership status ranking. Simply put, we have put the hours and dedication into learning everything there is to know about each PPC advertising program and received the appropriate accolades to prove so.

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