Company online presence analysis and audit

A thorough audit of your website and campaign will give you a clear understanding of your current position within the marketplace versus your business’s main competitors. With the thorough audit, you can rectify obstacles to your website’s performance and even help build a foundation to your digital marketing effort.

At King of Lead Gen, we can provide you with reports on your performance. Our online presence analysis team will be able to optimize your website behavior to help you become more visible on the web. We can definitely help you improve your online presence by doing a thorough analysis on your website as well as the campaigns you are using.

How King of Lead Gen Can Help You?

There are five overall processes that we can help you with in regards to the online presence analysis. With these processes, we can help determine how your business is being perceived by people, how consistent your brand is across all online properties, as well as how your business is seen in comparison to your competitors. Here are the processes that we can help you with.

 Keyword Research and Analysis

 Researching the keywords that can easily describe and pertain to your business is our job. King of Lead Gen will make sure to find those keywords that most of your customers will highly likely use in order to search for your business. Moreover, we will analyze the current keywords you are using to see which ones are effective and which ones need to be changed. We have valuable tools that can help with the keyword research and analysis for your website. 

Online Visibility

 We know how important it is for your website to rank for top keywords. It is also important to ensure that your business is generally visible. We will see to it that your website can be easily searched in the search engine. The specialists at King of Lead Gen can use a wide variety of tools that can report how well you work at your top keywords. Our tools help us see how well your business is listed in the online directories. 

Web Structure Analysis

The structure of your website is also an important factor for the success of your online campaign. We will help analyze your website structure to ensure that it embraces the search engines naturally. It should follow the proper SEO techniques to make it easier for the search engines to index your website.

 Social Network Analysis

 Establishing your presence on the social media sites help with message communication, branding consistency, and participation. We will take a good look at your social media profiles to ensure that you are consistent in what you want your audience to know about you. We will also ensure that you benefit from maximum visibility with our online presence analysis services.

 Competition Analysis

 We will help you analyze your competition. With our tools, we can see whether you are weaker or stronger in relation to your competitor’s presence. We can then determine where it is better to channel your efforts for marketing. We have access to effective tools which can effectively gather information that can be useful in gaining a lead against the competitors.

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